[HOW TO] Suzuki Swift GTI Bucket seats to Micra K11

Hello there, quick tutorial, dont have much time

Heres your work plan

discription is for RH seat (in UK is a drivers side)
first -Dismount Suzuki seat rails, cut the middle mount with grinder

1- bolt the rail to body, to stock Micra seat mount
2- bolt this cut piece to body
- fit some metal to join these two pieces
(see picture)

Mount number 2 complete

-Now- cut mount number 4 for easier work

-Mount Rails to the seat for further fitting

-instal seat with previously made mounts at left rail

important- check how it fits, put somenthing under mount number 4 for leveleing the seat

3- Now- Drill an hole for mount number 3. Nut and bolt is easiest way to mount this one

4- mount number 4 that you cut before- bolt it to body and made some metal fork as seen at foto. I've used my fav material :D

Yeah- I forgot to Bump
Didn't mentioned- every Micra I found at scrapyard didn't had it :unsure: even 2001 post-facelift, what surprised me, beacause I wanted to repair mine...

I've got Hatch oppener (pull) and fuel cap oppener (push), but didn't seen something like it in other cars-I started to think its only super s feature...

You Can avoid problems with it, by placing the seats as close to tunnel as possible. But in this case you have to redone all 4 mounting points.

Anyway- in my case Fuel cap didnt work anyway, Changed the shape of lever for hatch opening (cut the lever and welded it closer to the door). But Mechanism were fooling me for a long time, jamming sometimes, causing huge stress to lever pin etc.
2 days ago the cable snapped again. I'll convert it to bicycle cable with custom handle. This one is in progress right now, wainting for package with goods.

I've seen caps with keys too. I mean key is on the flip cover

That was a bit confusing for me since I've bought the car. Most of cheap 1.0 K11 in my country has a key-locked fuel cover, and bootlid with key. Also as mentioned- none of scrapped Micras had an lever opener next to seat.

But first- key barell is deleted and hole is welded clean in my bootlid by previous owner. Only way is inside car opener. I've thought that key is working as outside opening method- And inside opening lever had to be chosen from accesory list during buying a car, OR it was standard in "higher" versions, for example Super S ,as mentioned.

Dunno, anyway, I've converted mine to bicycle cable today. Now its only for boot opening. Works nice, much better than stock. Stock one was jamming frequently, because my release mechanism doesnt works perfect (much force needed to release the lid)
In case you have opening lever in your car and you want a Swift seats- you have to consider the options before. For me easiest way was change of shape of the lever

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