How to remove rear lights?

Discussion in 'K12 Body Trims Fittings and Aesthetics etc' started by shaiboy_uk, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. shaiboy_uk

    shaiboy_uk Buy & Sell Member

    Hi all,

    First time poster, so go easy on me ;)

    I have just bought a 03 plate Nissan Micra for my partner and love the wee car.

    Only issue is the rear fog light isn't working, tried to remove the back lights, removed the two retaining bolts, but its held in place at the other side of the bolts and can't see how to get it off.

    Anyone know how to remove it, to check/replace the bulbs?


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  3. eltaylor001

    eltaylor001 North Rep

    Hi shaiboy.

    It's really simple actually, everyone seems to ask the question though. Remove to two visible bolts and then just pull it off. No it's not bolted on it's just got some clips to hold it place. They are tough to get off, gotta give them a good pull, but be careful not to break the clips when doing so like I did when I replaced mine with lexus clusters.
  4. shaiboy_uk

    shaiboy_uk Buy & Sell Member


    Thanks for your reply eltaylor001.

    Only thing is, which way do you pull it? to the side? up? or straight out?
    Don't want to pull it the wrong was and do any clips in. Do i need to put anything under it to lever it a bit?

    All for a fag light argh hehe

  5. eltaylor001

    eltaylor001 North Rep

    Straight out, but it might be worth trying to lever it out gently, so you don't break any of the clips.
  6. nissanmicrak12

    nissanmicrak12 Ex. Club Member

    very easy to do mate just give them a good tug
  7. shaiboy_uk

    shaiboy_uk Buy & Sell Member

    Thanks guys,

    Will try and get round to this tonight, by she never in with the car to get a chance to do it. Loves the wee car hehe :grinning:



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