How to make an 1.0 K11 with an auto box run last for an endurance race? :)

Hi folks - I am the proud owner of a K11 Mitsuoka Viewt which I'm going to prep for the 24 Hours of Lemons, the US endurance racing series for $500 cars. It's got the 1.0 K11 engine and an auto box... for the first race season I want to just cage it and run it as it is, and I'm wondering what I should do to the car to give it the highest chances of finishing the race. Are there any regularly-exploding engine/drivetrain/suspension/brake parts that I should just replace in advance? Are there any upgrades I should invest in?

I am not at all interested in making it go faster at the moment - I just want to minimise the chances of it breaking horribly. Faster is next year. :)

Any help appreciated - I'm not new to the race series but I'm very new to K11s!

Chris (in US but British)


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Sounds good - I was wondering if I might need a transmission cooler, not sure how solid these auto boxes are? I also heard that it might be worth putting UK Micra front hubs on it and proactively changing the top cam tensioner before it broke? Any thoughts on the above from anyone much appreciated...
A micra should have a trans cooler in the rad (auto rads are ticker and have the extra cooler here in Netherlands).
You might aswell change the complete timing chain then. And swap in some 1.3 cams for a bit more power.

do you have time to fix stuff in the race? If so bring a distributor and a throttlebody. Those are the main issues with a k11. Also if you have a nats ecu id swap it to a non nats one. Nats is the immobilizer and some older pre facelifts don’t have it.