How to make an 1.0 K11 with an auto box run last for an endurance race? :)

Hi folks - I am the proud owner of a K11 Mitsuoka Viewt which I'm going to prep for the 24 Hours of Lemons, the US endurance racing series for $500 cars. It's got the 1.0 K11 engine and an auto box... for the first race season I want to just cage it and run it as it is, and I'm wondering what I should do to the car to give it the highest chances of finishing the race. Are there any regularly-exploding engine/drivetrain/suspension/brake parts that I should just replace in advance? Are there any upgrades I should invest in?

I am not at all interested in making it go faster at the moment - I just want to minimise the chances of it breaking horribly. Faster is next year. :)

Any help appreciated - I'm not new to the race series but I'm very new to K11s!

Chris (in US but British)


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