How To Connect Alarm system to a K11 Micra central locking system

Hi all,this is my first thread and i want to share my experience with you!I was searching the forum and the "net" for the schematic how to connect Alarm system to the wiring of K11 Micra central locking system but nothing found,so i think it will be helpful for everyone.If there is such a information on the forum the Moderators may delete the thread.So the Micra central locking is controlled by one "wire".If this wire is cut the doors are locked but to unlock them the connection must be restored and then Grounded to(-).

This is the schematic Two additional relays must be added to the alarm schematic.The wire that must be cut is on the drivers colon left of fuse box,Think the color was yellow with red.There are 3 thick wires and 1 thin(the thin one is the control one).It must be cut and connected to pin "3" and "4" from the schematic.

Hope it was helpful if there are any questions feel free to contact me for more information!