How to Bypass ECU so engine starts on K12

Hi all,

I posted earlier that my 56 plate Micra Auto won't start. The starter motor is fine and the garage have had the car started (directly powering the starter motor) which indicates a possible signal issue to and from the ECU.

Anyone know how to bypass the ECU when you turn the key in the ignition? Is it possible to do and safe?

Replies are very very welcome as I feel Nissan will charge me a fortune to sort this out!!!!!!
Have you tried shorting the gear selector neutral/park switch?

If it is faulty it will think it is in gear and will not let you start the engine.

Try to start it whilst moving the trans selector.
On SMJ E50 (male) and F1 (female)

Short between pins 8H and 2F to bypass the PNP Switch

On SMJ E50 and F1

Pin 1G (big red wire): run direct to starter solenoid.

if you want to trouble shoot:

In the IPDM check to see if the Starter Relay is being energised.
If it is, check to see if pin 11 has 12vdc on it with the key in the start position.

If both checks are good, then it is either the PNP or a broken wire to the Starter Solenoid.