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How to attach a Aftemarket Fuel Pressure Regulator on a Nissan Micra K11 1.0 2002

First thing i did was took the original Fuel pressure Regulator out,

•Remove Vaccum pipe situated on top of the regulator.​
•Remove Clip holding the regulator in place.​
•Remove Regulator.​
•Remove green 'O' ring and reassemble.​

then i removed the green 'O' ring, and then put the original Fuel pressure Regulator back together, minus the 'O' ring, of course.

i then removed the fuel return pipe attached to the fuel rail underneath the original Fuel pressure Regulator and attached a small section of the pipe that i got with the kit to the fuel rail and the inlet of the Aftermarket Fuel pressure Regulator. i then attached the return pipe to the outlet. i then attached the vaccum pipe from the original to the Aftermarket.

•Remove fuel return pipe.​
•Snip aftermarket fuel pipe to required size.​
•Attach sized pipe to the outlet of fuel rail and inlet of aftermarket regulator.​
•Attach fuel return pipe to aftermarket outlet.​
Attach vaccum pipe to aftermarket regulator.​
•Securely Mount regulator in engine bay.​

•Flat Screwdriver​

*Note: The Only Purpose of an 'O' Ring is to Create an Gas tight or Water tight Seal, Without an 'O' there is no resistance, thus no pressure. Preesure within the fuel systems can retain there pressures after the engine has been switched off, pressures can be higher than stated on autodata (2.35 Bar) Petrol is highly flammable, work with caution and risk access you work before carrying out.