How Much?



Ok, seruiously considering selling me car, but havent a clue how much its worth!

Nissan Micra 1.3 Super S 1995 (N)
Mettalic Forrest Green
103000 miles
Bluetooth Headunit
Clear Repeaters
Super S alloys
Short Throw Shifter
Sparco Gearknob
HKS Induction
Green Instument Clock lights
No rust on either wings, one has just been replaced and undercoated
Sparco Strut brace. (Currently on eBay)
Mechanicly sound
Passed MOT in November
4 months tax

Very rusty sills, will need welding/replacing, as will the crossmember, probaly.
It doesnt have a Super S front bumper.
Few scratches/dints, one bad one on the drivers side quater panel.
Passenger side window is sticky, and falls.
Rattly when you put it into neutal. (Possibly just the heatshield)


So like i say, i really dont have a clue of how much to ask for it, and you guys are the pros :p

Also, would it be worth taking off what little mods i have?


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£500 / £800 ish?

cos of the sills and cross member the price will drop. and you don't get any points for a super s if it doesn't have a super s bumper....


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I know everyone always says it as wel but could be worth you taking off some of the performance parts, alot of people would be interested in the strut brace if u have no luck on there and probably the gear stick aswel..

Good luck with sale any way mate, it looks good condition!