how much would my micra be worth?

hey i need to get rid of my micra soon, it will not pass an mot in november when it comes and im not throwing any more money into it, ive already put a ton of new parts in it, i could strip it for parts but thats really inconvenient considering out cupboard space is full. it has problems with gearbox, difficulty changing gear, crunchy gears, and a transmission whine, also has severely knackered struts, car bounces on road and rattles like crazy feels like it will fall apart at any minute. also steering pump whine. and lots of big dents in it. plus a radio doesnt work and rear brake cylinder is shot plus handbrake needs looking at. but it has 5 months mot left, would i get £300 for it or is it more likely worth scrap?
Your car status is same as mine so I am going to sorn it soon. I work everyday now so I will need to fix it slowly or to get another micra.

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... but it has 5 months mot left, would i get £300 for it or is it more likely worth scrap?
It would seem that while old very good condition cars may sell, anything which needs work won't. Mine sounds a lot better than yours but I've not had an offer at all - asking £250 - so I think you would be very lucky to get any offer at all. In my case I'll persevere a little longer - drop the asking price etc. but I do suspect that it will end up as scrap
are you planning on selling your turbo setup?

Yeah that is the plan, stainless steel cuztom exhaust, modified manifold with Garrett T3 turbo all pipes, audi TT intercooler, all brackets, bolts etc.

You will need an ECU with Nistune and base map, also a modified fuel rail and SR20 injectors with high flow in tank fuel pump but that would be a seperate sale im afraid!! But can sort something out then speak to Ed at Fusion motorsport and he will roll road it.. and feel the 0-60 power :)

@--alpina-- sorry didn't mean to be so blunt, I really want to go down the road of an eventual turbo setup, I would be interested in a few bits and bobs and was wondering what sort of figures you would be talking? I

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