How many security codes are there for the micra K12?

Hi, I recently bought a micra that has no book or codes in it. How many codes are usually supplied with the micra, like radio, key, immobiliser etc?
Mine didn't came with any codes.
When battery was changed, here in the Land of the Finns, technician hooked motorcycle battery to battery terminals of Micra. This was done simply to avoid locking original stereo. Even 9V battery will do the trick, she told ;)
This is something witch is totally unheard of on your islands, based on endless numerous stereo code requests :rolleyes:
That is ok to do if the battery is not flat, but the real reason for posting was more to do with getting a spare key for it. I had read you could program the micra yourself for the remote locking, and it appears that this stopped working around 2006, so I need the security code to get into the ECU and have it programmed to match the car.