How many March Cabriolets are still out there?

Hi since buying a beautiful sexy March Cabriolet from my friend and fellow forum member davyboy I have wondered how many are still around, everyone says they are very rare and most comments are "I did not know they made them", "I have never seen one before" and also "is she for sale"! o_O

I know a few MSC members have them and I have tried the www and to no avail! :confused:

Andy :D


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Unfortunately most will have just been registered as Nissan March or Nissan Micra when they entered the country so hard to find out through
They must be very very very very very rare due to lack of response and input obviously there is only 3 left, Bunny's in Holland fellow forum member (?) in Germany and my Steffi lol! :D

Andy :)
Been 3 for sale on e-bay and here in the last few months. Plus another one the geezer was keeping for himself after selling his missuses.
That's 7 mate.
I just bought one today off ebay. This one, in fact. I think I am in love with it. :D

Welcome to a very exclusive club you will have such a fun time driving her and you will fall in love with it they are such a dream to drive! I bought my beautiful showroom condition babe off friend and fellow member davyboy, within 12 hours of owning her I had 2 offers to sell her (even before I left Cornwall) lol! My cab "Steffi" is a celeb here in Guernsey everybody loves her, whilst driving the cab get used to peoples heads turning and stares also comments such as "what is she", "never knew they made a Micra Cabriolet" and "is she for sale"!

Please feel free to contact me if you need help or info about your March Cab.

Please post some pics of her!

Andy :)
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Hi Andy.

Thanks for the lovely welcome to the site. If you look on 'Mutley's' post #18 on the above thread, he posted some of the car and the condition hasn't changed much.

Maybe you can advise on something. I only have one alarm and remote central locking fob for the March. Do you know where I can get another one programmed, and how much this would be? I live in Warwickshire. :)