How do i take the door panel & gear knob off?


Kel Singh

hey guys!

one quick do i take the inside door panel off? i need to fix the window and put new speakers in...i've detached the screws but the window handle thing doesnt come off? Do i just pull it out?

also for the 1998 K11 S-reg is the gear knob properly fixed or can it come off..cos i tried my best to pull it off n it just wont! im putting in a new knob!

if any of u guys can help me out i''d really appreciate it..i know this may sound cheesy but i'd rather get it done myself with ur help than to take it to a garage for small jobs n waste money...i'm still a student!!!

thanx in advance.



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Gearknob just screws off but it can be glued down and need sawing off, try using rubber gloves to unsvrew it, door card has two screws on the door handle which needto be undone and then pull the edges of the doorcard to free the poppers, then use a screwdriver to remove the fiddly clip behind the window winder and it should come off easily :)


Try a strap wrench (oil filter wrench) on your gear knob, just need to get extra purchase to break the bond of the glue then should be fine...


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as most people have already said the gear knob just twists off (EDIT: ANTI clock wise) mine come off straight away..