how do i remove original nissan radio & resolve boot opening


how do i remove original nissan radio without breaking the plastic cos i dont see any holes for removing. the reason i ask is my original rear speakers are not working and on the radio it does show any rear or fade option on the mradio menu for testing. so i need to check wiring etc... to make sure everything is connected.

rather than post another thread can someone tell me what to check regarding the boot release. my fuel release works but when i pull it upwards to release the boot nothing happens, any ideas?

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The black plasic around the radio has 4 screws holding it in, removing the ash tray exposes 2 and the other 2 can be seen just above the radio if u duck down to look up at them.

Then the plastic clips out and you can unscrew the radio and check the wiring :]

not sure about the boot tho