How did you find the Micra Sports Club?

How did you find the MSC?

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Just a question, could there be a sub Micra forum called Micra Owners Club, which uses this forum but the Header says MICRA OWNERS FORUM. I was asking because some folk might be put off when it says 'Sports'?
Google was looking for a solution to the old one speed heater fan routine and the lack of dashboard lights on my new acquired 97 1000cc K11.
hi all. i just last week bought a k12 1.2 SE 05 and wanted to a k12 forum to join so did a google search and found here!


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Hi, I followed a link to here off another forum (NPOC) where someone had done little modifications to a 1.0 K11, where he custom made HT leads, opened the TB, modifed the OEM manifold and added 1.3 cams to get IIRC 70/80bhp out of a 1.0

Very interesting read it was too, thanks
First heard of the club from a lad's bumper sticker in the factory car park. Ended up searching for it via Google and finding the forum. I had a quick browse of the public threads, and decided to join.