Honda Dylan 125cc Scooter


Professional lurker.....
Just trying to see if anyone wants this on here, otherwise it'll be onto ebay most likely.

I'm looking to sell my 125cc Honda Dylan scooter within the next month or so (photo to be uploaded when I can get around to it).

Its in "Candy Calcutta Red" (dark red besically) and its got about 6200 miles on it. It was registered in March 2004 by a Honda dealership, who had it in storage for a few months until I purchased it in August 2004 for £1600.

Its been a wonderful, reliable and economical runabout for the past 2 years, but now its time to sell. The reason I'm selling is simply because I got it before I passed my car test and got the Micra so that I could get some experience on the roads. Now my CBT is about to run out and its just not financially worthwhile paying for another CBT course and another years insurance on it, along with the Micra, so it has to go.

Mechanically its sound and has been serviced regularly since new. The only problem is that I fell off it about 18 months ago and caused a bit of damage to the front mudgaurd and side panel. No dents, just deep scratches that I'm sure can be repaired by someone with more time & money than me.

I've seen these scooters of a similar age selling for a grand + on ebay, but I'm selling cheaper because of the slight damage and because I really need to offload it in the next 2 months.

Looking for £850 ovno, or may be willing to do a px for a decent set of alloys & cash.

Any enquieries to PM or just post a reply to this ad.



Can you upload some more pictures, then it will be easy to decide , it looks in suitable price. CAn you tell it's normal fuel consumption normally 125cc scooter fuel consumption is 2.4 liters per 100 km.