highest milage achieved in a K10?

Having been away from Micra ownership for almost a year now (had a 1993 Sunny and a 1995 Civic) I'm just about to purchase my first K10 (had two K11s already)

Its a 1.0L 1992 model and it has covered 115k, and it got me thinking, what's the highest mileage anyone on here is aware of in a K10? By this, I mean with its original engine and gearbox and without major mechanical overhaul. I usually cover around 10k every 6 months, working and gigging as a musician, so I was wondering what kind of life I could expect from a well looked after K10 (it comes with full service history from new!)

my k10 has 215000 miles on the clock same engine same gearbox and im only starting to build mine now, if you mind it itll do a lot of millage, mines been on Irish roads so also alot harder on a car, just about to put a new timing belt on mine.