High pressure fuel pump timing. 1.5 dci Nissan Micra 2003

A quick one to all you good folk.
Before I start to replace water pump and broken camshaft/timing belt on a 1.5dci 2003 plate Nissan Micra.

Does any know if the High pressure fuel pump has to be timed to anything. I know some diesel engines do and others not.

I'm thinking that as this is a common rail high pressure fuel pump unit. It just stays put where it is and supplies constant pressure 1000-2000 bars to common rail fuel rail that acts as a fuel acumaltor. And injectors open as and when ECU tells them from cam sensor/crank sensor. Just the usual timing to TDC is all thats required for the belt.

If anybody has done this before please advise.
Did that one with our K11. The k12 engines aren't cheap to source. I think the best route may be to sell off as spares and put money towards a live one.