Hi new Pao owner.Pao Parts.HELP

Ok before so anyone says anything I know ,cap locks = shouting bla bla

I’m looking for Pao parts
Literally anything is of interest to me so let me know what you have

I’m in Ireland 🇮🇪
I’m not looking to pay lotto crazy prices for bits but will deal reasonably

If Thiers anyone breaking a 5 speed manual I be after a lot of the running gear ect,

But I’m currently after a full spotlight bar with know damage and all wiring present

Literally just let me know what u have I would be greatfull as I have an important build going on at the moment and every little would help

Even if anyone be kind enuff to donate :)

I will start a blog soon but as of now I have just became a father recently so time is hard come by

But please all Pao members make yourself aware to me
Be nice to keep in touch