Hi Guys - Old member back

Hi everyone.

Need a little help please.

I used to have this....


That went in 2007 (SORN and gathering rust on uncles driveway) and got myself a non jap car (sorry :oops:)

However I've now bought another micra as a little run around as the German beast is a little keen on the juice.

I picked up a Micra GX auto 1 litre 1997 on R plate. 94k miles. power steering, electric front wondows, broken sunroof (admitedly i broke it on the day i bought it, oh well).

Drives well for the purpose i need it for. Engine is damn quiet on idle for a 1 litre thats 15 yrs old. I couldn't believe it.

Anyway to get to the point....

The temp gauge doesn't work at all. - car warms up normally and car isnt overheating. Hot air comes out the vents etc.

The guy told me it might be a fuse gone in the engine compartment? is this true? Or what else could it be?

and secondly the fuel gauge is all over the place. sometimes it stays put in one position for miles and miles and then at other times its showing only qaurter tank fuel when I put in like £25 worth of petrol in. (surely £25 is more than a qtr of a tank in a micra??)

Furthermore it takes ages for the fuel needle to rise (that is if it wants to rise on that particular day)

Am i looking at a faulty cluster here as both the temp gauge and fuel guage have gone doolally (speedo works fine though).

Help please anyone.....

Cheers, Nik


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wow long time no see! i would double check all fuses and relays as a standard fault finding tip, then if you can, get a replacement cluster and try that. seeing as all the faults are to do with the cluster, it suggests the cluster, but i would actually say its more likely to be the sensors. but changing the cluster is an easier job