Hey guys New to the micra scene

Hi guys,
I'm ozzy been on here for a short time, and have now purchased my 1st ever micra... this being an early face-lift k11...
I've been in and out of different "scenes" over the years, old fords, French ****, vauxhalls and more.
After being made redundant in the 1st lock down I tried to start my own business which ment me selling my S14 silvia and my 2 S13 silvias and my E36 compact drifter... was an emotional time, but sadly with all my might its all gone tits up!
So im back to the start... starting with a new job so that ment new daily something that I can enjoy, tinker with, and something that I've always wanted....

So I rescued my K11 Equation from the crusher ! And got her roadworthy. So this will be my journey, of my hi's and low's of my journey it will be slow and steady, subject to funds and so on.
Whether it becomes a track car, show car, I dunno at this moment but what ever happens I'm looking forward to it!!
This is when my mate had picked her up for scrap then gave me the call...
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