Does anyone on here know what the difference is with the micra sport 1.2 to the normal 1.2 micra's engine or electronics to make the 1.2 sport a little quicker? (sx, urbis, s, sve etc...)

Ive looked up the specs on the micra's and the 1.2 sport is a little quicker (by hardly anything) as i am looking to sell my sport and buy a black urbis/sx 1.2 as i want the standard bumpers and nismo lookalike spoiler.

I have been told it may be the manifold but i wasn't sure as i have looked at the manifolds and they look the same.

I want the urbis/sx but i don't want a slower car:(

Help please.


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I'm no pro with the k12 but if its like most cars these days the sport will mean mainly cosmetic enhancements. Power will be upped a tad but I'd guess electronically