Help with Ogura TX07 supercharger


I did see 2 for sale on ebay (Ogura TX12 & Ogura TX15) at the beginning of last and were around £800 to £1200. There really hard to come by unless someone is breaking a car.
The only thing I would say to you is service your supercharger every 10,000 miles as this will prolong the life of your supercharger and gives you time to source one as well.

I hope that helps
Thanks! I will keep looking in eBay.
TX12 is used for following charger kits:
Blitz for Altezza SXE10
Toms for GT86
Blitz for Toyota Hiace (now available new from Blitz)
Blitz for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (now available new from Blitz)

Unfortunately, I can't find any used TX12 in Russia now, but recently they were on sale 1-2 times every year. Price for full Altezza kit is between 500 and 1100 USD. Good news - one is available in Tokyo
This is very helpful info, so I may still have chance to buy a new one in the future for spare parts.
Most of the time its just a matter of replacing the bearings, some new oil and it will be fine again. And those most likely aren’t special.
Hi, is your car the 1.4? If so, you can get the inlet manifold and bits from a K12 Micra/E11 Note 1.4. I have had an Impul CR-01 kit fitted to my car last year. I got the kit from a guy who imports Cubes to the UK to sell. He has loads of Cube spares. FIrst Choice Imports, Dan Bell is his name. If you do need a replacement supercharger, they do come up now and then on JAUCE. He got me the full installation instructions, but in Japanese. Luckily, I have a Japanese neighbour who kindly translated the who pamphlet for me into English. The charger gives 35 bhp.
Hi, Yes mine is the 1.4 and I was kindly given my instructions with a supercharger which I purchased and was lucky enough to have it translated. I'm really glad that you told me that it's an extra 35bhp because I tried to find that out but never found the information. Also make sure that you service the supercharger after I think its 20,000km. What I have also noticed is that some of these superchargers have seen a lot of action in their does and if you do buy one make sure you get it serviced before you install it. Im trying to find a decent body specialist who can get my nissan cube impul back to a decent showroom finish. But it is difficult as a lot of the body repair places don't want to touch imported cars with body kits as they feel that once they remove a side skirt, front bumper etc they might damage it and that would be a greater problem
I am from malaysia,
I have done replacing bearing and oilseal for few unit tx07 tx10..
Feel free to search my name in fb i have set some photo for public view