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Hi lads.

I have a set up 4x108 wheels I'm looking to fit to my car hubs 4x100 were is the best place to get the 4 adapters does anyone know if the Honda adapters work on the k11 hubs


4x100 refers to the diameter of the circle made by the lug nuts

So any adapter that changes 4x100 to 4x108 should work, save for a few unique scenarios


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Any adaptor used will have to satisfy a couple of specific dimensions. The hub face will have to have the correct bore to mate with the hub and the wheel face will need the correct diameter spigot to mate with the wheels used. The thickness of the adapter will of course change the offset of the wheels used so this will have to be checked to make sure you have no interference problems with the tyres rubbing on the bodywork.


I've ruined my car 🙁
Thanks for the reply guys in Ireland Dublin who would you recommend me to go to sort this out
Mcg in kildare, I got my adapters through them

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