Help! Steering Wheel Spline - Old vs New

Hoping somebody can offer advice.

So I've got a steering wheel off a 12SR from Japan, but it fits to the newer style spline on the Micra, but I have the older spline in my Micra.


This is the spline in the 12SR wheel:


This is the (desired) spine in my current wheel.


Is there a way to get the desired spline onto the 12SR wheel? Or any suggestions how to get the 12SR wheel onto my steering rack?

I've spoken to a local welder who doesn't want to cut and weld the central section onto the wheel. Could I maybe find somebody who'd be willing?

A local machinist said that machining the desired spline on could be costly especially as the desired spline looks like it's a larger diameter than the other.

Could anybody point me in the direction of somebody who could do this in the North West? Or offer any sort of advice?

The new spline is the new Delphi system, the old spline is the TRW System.

I do believe there is a service mod you can do to convert as the TRW system is now obsolete so there is a conversion from MIcra but I don’t know about it.

Because the TRW system is obsolete, if someone went to the Nissan garage for a faulty steering system the Delphi system I compatible to retro fit.

But I think there is a wire adapter and maybe other adapters to make it fit.