HELP! please

Hi everyone, just to explain my dad used to do all my car stuff but unfortunately he has been diagnosed with Vascular dementia, so I am learning on the job. I have an engine light on, I connected his OBD and got this message (SYSTEM ENGINE CONTROL 31E/ECCS 2*P1147- OXYGEN SENSOR HEATER (BANK 1, SENSOR 2 ) MALFUNCTION.
I have read into this a bit and I understand you can end up chasing it round several parts, I love the car but he is not worth much. I have changed the air filter and have added Redex fuel injector cleaner. Will I have to change the oxygen sensor and how much would a garage charge.Many thanks for your help folks. Amy
You need to know if its indeed the oxygen sensor or something else. Swapping only the oxygen sensor isnt hard and shouldnt cost much. The sensor itself costs around 40-60 pounds or so. Labour shouldnt take long.
Ive attached some screenshots form the workshop manual. Here is the procedure to test that code.


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