Help please.


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Hey there, I am going to be putting twin webers on a K10 1.2 Super S which has ECC but officially the webers dont need any of the ECC stuff. Apparently I will get running problems when I fit the carbs but then I have seen Ed say that it will be perfectly fine in some threads. I am talking about threads which are a good 5 years old here.

I was just thinking about putting a blanking plug on the ecc plug which goes into the orignal carb. I also heard Ed saying that the ECC is good to keep when tuning K10s.

Thank you very much for your help and time.


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as long as the MAP sensor gets a vacuum feed from the inlet manifold to alter the ignition timing, it will run fine. I ran my ECC model on bike carbs and it went well (once I plumbed the map sensor in)