Help needed- Can i use a Remote Key with a K11 with central locking?

Hello there. I am new here. I just bought a Micra K11, year 1999.
My car got central locking but no FOB remote key. To unlock my car, i have to use my key in the keyhole.
I wanted to know about the FOB keys which is being sold on eBay. Remote unlock is useful for me. Can i use one of them? I mean buy a new remote key and program it? Will it work? Since with my micra, I did not get a remote key?
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Remote locking would be built into the key if it had it, I doubt your car has it, It's unlikely someone would have removed the button bit of the key and replaced it with a buttonless bit.


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You can buy the remote sensors off ebay and they come with a separate keyfob for unlocking it.

They're pretty easy to fit, just connect them into the wiring for the central locking and your away.