Help needed after a crash.

Hi again people,
to say i am gutted is an understatment.
Last year before my uncle passed away i bought his wee beloved k11 {92 plate} from him. I am the second owener of the car and it has just went over the 70.000 miles.
I put it in for an mot about 6months after having the car and the guy at the garrage said he has never seen a wee micra as solid as this. He only gave it 1 advisory some nut on the flexi brake pipe was starting to not bad i said for its age. Sadly this is where the good news ends for me..was in a bump a couple of nights ago i went in to the back of a renault clio at car came off much worse than his.
My car now needs new front bumper ,drivers wing a bonnet and drivers side headlight..also the airbag has went and also my seatbelt dont retract anymore.
Thing is i love this wee car and would love to get it sorted as for the sentemental reasons alone. What happens with the airbag and the seatbelt not working how much would these be to get sorted...sorry for long post but tried my best to keep it short...thanks for any replys.


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I guess it depends what you want to spend. You could buy new parts and have the panels sprayed or try ebay for one in the same colour. As for airbags I have not played for them but I would assume you would need a steering wheel obviously and possibly the control unit for airbags as I would guess it would store a code and I don't know if it can be reset

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I would check some scrapyards for something in the same color and replace the airbag and seat belt. Might need a new airbag ecu but those can also be found on a scrapyard. Id just try the old one first.

And get the car checked out by somebody that knows their stuff about frame damage to make sure the frame is straight.