Hello from Sunny Suffolk!

Hi all!

Just thought I'd join up as I recently became the proud owner of a 2001 Micra 1.0 S. It was given to me as an MOT failure, and to be honest it is a bit of a heap, but I'm now on a mission to get it back on the road! Fundamentally it's a perfectly functional car, so it seemed a shame to just scrap it when someone (e.g. me!) could get some use out of it and have some fun with it.

I'll post a couple of pictures after I've given my new baby a bit of a wash and brush up :)


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They're amazing wee cars, especially for students. They just keep going and going so long as you catch them before the sills start to rot.

I can go hundreds of miles on a single tank and was able to fit a 1.4 engine, engine crane and engine stand in it along with a weeks worth of ####e on an 800 mile parts grabbing trip and spent <£80 on fuel. Can't even get a return ticket to London for that!