Hello from a proud new Micra owner

Hello. I just wanted to say hello... I have just joined the forum as I have just become the proud owner of my very first Micra.

Always wanted one... just love them when they're done properly.
(By the way I've owned a Scooby..an Evo..Mk1 Granada... XR3i... Capri...the lot.. so I'm not mental or anything lol)
Anyway... I haven't even picked it up yet but wanted to get a head start on advice for lowering it without spending a fortune... the little boot spoiler... and some general tips and advice please...
Thank you
Its good to be here 😛
Welcome man! You will most likely find most advice for your car on the K11 side of the forum :) good to see additional people jumping on to this day, im pretty new here also :D