Heater matrix permanent removal

Had a browse but couldn't find anything on here about permanent heater matrix/core removal

Basically the car has just completely smoked up the cabin (in spectacular fashion I may add) and after a bit of internet reading all the signs are saying it's Definitely the core that's just gone (funky smell, wet passenger floor, drinking water like it's going out of fashion)

So I was about to stick a replacement in, when instead I had a bit of a read and instead thinking of just removing the entire heating system.

So I was seeing if anyone has done this before, hoping some of the guys who strip cars for track and rally can confirm if just looping the cooling system back in the engine bay to bypass the entire system still keeps temps reasonable.

I was also about to buy one of the thicker radiators from an automatic so any defecit should be helped by this?

Just to point out that yes I'm happy to have no heat system in the car, yes it goes racing often and yes the main motivation is shedding some weight

She's a 1.3 K11 for reference

Any help appreciated, thank you!