heater blower relay location?

hello all , my heater blower was working intermittently only on 3 and 4(would usually have to wiggle the switch) then it jusg stopped altogether ,having googled I seen the common resistor card problem so went and bought and fitted a new one but no good.

I can't seem to locate the heater relay to test it so im guessing its in the box under the headlight? there is 2 relays on the interior fuseboard but it doesn't say what they are for .

the other thing I was thinking is maybe the switch itself is broken (possible? ) I have tried wiggling the connection at the back of the switch and also the connection on the motor itself but still nothing. there is power at the resistor card which I believe comes from the motor so the motor must be getting power too right?

I was going to remove the stereo to change the switch but then seen all the threads about radio codes! so would like to find the relay first before I do since I will most likely need a new stereo afterwards and don't really want to fork out the cash.
any help would be appreciated .

ok well I found the relay and swapped it with the one next to it still nothing so I proceeded to remove the switch which looks like its nicely corroded, waiting for a call from the wreckers for a replacement.


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if Its the one where he changes the resistor pack then yes I did, I replaced that first but that isn't the problem, the problem was the poorly made French switch which I swapped out for a Japanese one i got from wreckers which looks far better made , anyway now I have heat again!

this was a problem I haven't seen posted before but I hope it helps someone just something to take note of if your micra is French made
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I've been trawling this forum to find any info regarding the blower control switch. Mine works OK on 1 & 2, intermittently on 3 and nothing on level 4. I have replaced the heater resistor but that didn't alter anything. I feel the issue is with the 4 position switch but I can't get to the rear of it via the removed glove compartment. Can someone help with how to get to the electrical connections at the rear of the switch?
Thanks in advance.
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