Heater Blower Fan not working

Hi, can anyone help me? The heater blower fan on my 2003 Micra SVE has stopped working. The fan will not work on any setting. I understand that it might be the blower fan resistor that needs replacing although from what I've read elsewhere, in such circumstances the fan should still work on the number 4 setting whilst mine does not. Looking in the Haynes manual, to remove the resistor you remove the passenger glovebox, unplug the resistor and remove two screws. Trouble is I cannot find the resistor. Am I correct that it is a small circuit board? Can anyone tell me exactly where it is located. If anyone has a picture of what the part looks like that would be most helpful.
Hi AndrewM
Solution seemed to be to press two halves of resistor very tightly together.This was after a lot of trial and tribulation with separation and re-connection of the two halves and even an unsuccesful trial with a second hand resistor.Can only assume connections inside are barely making contact.
Yes it is. My old notes mention undoing 5 screws to pull glove compartment out.This gives access to blower motor resistor. Then remove electrical connector by pressing white tab and prise out with screwdriver.Two "star" headed screws are then removed to take resistor out.
.Can't remember any more