Headlights (Electrical issues)

Good night, little car giving me problems again.

Just fixed a bent wisbone, battery is dead. Use jumper cables, huge spark but it starts... After i turn off the car, i notice my rear position lights on. Turn the lights on, get the typical beep and rear lights turn off and front turn on. So rear and front position lights are on without key, but not at the same time.

I guess i fried something. Fuses seem okay, i guess i got mass where it shouldn't or don't have where i should. Anyway, i'd like to have a scheme of the lights circuit, or where the relay is located... Also, i need someone to point how to efficiently check conductivity and what wires i should check.

Thanks on any info, i'm really lost on electrical matters, can change stuff and change bolts, but sparks... not my stuff.
Does the k11 have a ecu? You could try disconnecting the battery and leave overnight to see if it resets it.
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