Headlight ceramic connectors - any help?

Hey boys and girls these arrived today...

Not the bulb but the connector anyway I'm just wondering if it looks like it fits? Seems really tight to me being a new connector and reluctant to push on the metal pins anymore than I have... Is there enough connection there for it to work?

Also how do I connect these wires to the existing loom (cutting off the old connector) obviously the black earth goes to black I think is correct and I'm not sure about the other two because the existing look is black striped wires... Any help would be appreciated.
Had the usual corroding connector issue.

Excuse the pictures in my lizards tank it's the best lighting for pictures :laugh:

Thanks in advance ladies and gents, didn't know where to put this so please move if appropriate :p

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Push the buggers in, also , I had the same with the melting connectors. I just swapped the wires around until they worked.
Everything was fine.


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You have to push really quite hard on those ceramic connectors, especially on first use. A bit of silicon spray or WD40 will help.
I pushed them in and fitted them fine, all beams work perfect only problem being I no longer get a full beam indicator on my dash :(

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The bulb is all good there too buddy as when i flash people it still shows up :/ Confused.. Thanks for the help though unless it is legally needed on my dash i am not too bothered :)