Headlight adjustment HELP!!!!

after my previous message, i managed to complete the bulb replacement, however the passenger side headlight points too far upward and dazzles cars in front and the drivers side is too low, now the headlight adjuster inside doesnt help as the drivers side is too low compared to the passengers.

This is annoying cos i cnt see tht well at nyt, does ne1 no how to adjust them without using the inside 3 settin adjusters?? basically manual adjust?

Hi,unsure whether to create a new thread. I too have issues with a low beam on one side.
I have tried adjusting the grey screw but it literally moves the beam 1 inch on the driver side,but a full foot on the passenger side.
I know people have forced the driver side trying to replace bulbs but i dont see how that could stop thr manual adjustment from working. Any ideas please? I need to take the car for an mot retest thursday.
I forgot to add that the reflector is very loose if I adjust the grey screw.
Ideally a fix would be great but I fear a replacement may be required. If so, will it be the headlight or the adjustment motor that plugs into the light? Thanks for any help