hazzard and indicators not working

I have a k11 mk2 micra.

The indicators started not always working the other day and have now stopped working all together.

Pressing the hazard button no longer does anything. It does not even light up.

I bought a second hand hazard button off ebay but it does not light up either or do anything?

If I press the hazard button or the indicator stick I hear a single click behind the steering wheel I think. No lights come on.

I looked at the fuses by the steering wheel but they looked ok to me.

Is it worth trying to change the flasher relay box? Is this the sort of symptoms that might be cause by it being worn out? Or are these symptoms more like something else? I don't suppose a bad bulb could make it behave like this?

Incidentally if a new flasher box is needed can I just buy a generic version from somewhere easily?

Thanks for any thoughts.
My one is not a flasher can like I've seen on older cars looks similar to a relay box so I'd guess it's not a generic item.
If all other lights work then the flasher sounds like the next thing to check, see if you are getting power to the flasher before replacing...