Has anyone heard of sonda subs


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impluse bought a 12in sub last night on ebay, only paid 25 quid including the postage so i aint to bothered if its not all that good, but it is made buy a company called sonda has anyone heard of them and are they any good,

also what do you think about my install idea, i plan to cut out a false floor from 2 sheets of mdf with space blocks inbetween of about 2/3inches, then i will sink the amps in the floor under a couple of sheets of perspex, these will go either side of the sub enclosure, i am gonna try to get everything nice and symetrical, all wiring will be hidden except for the wiring in the amp enclosures which will be nicely detailed, also i am toying with the idea of lining the amp enclosures with silver of some kind (maybe sticky back plastic stuff) and fitting a couple of 6 in tube lights in each wired up tp the boot light. also i will cutout a handle so that i can tilt the rear seats forward and lift up the hole thing to access the spare, and i still have to work out some way of disconnecting it for easy removal, i am thinking about using rcas for the speaker wires but am a little worried about the power, anyone got any ideas

sorry if thats a bit long winded


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Sonda, IIRC my first amp/sub kit was sonda.........lets just say don't set them wrong and make sure they're cool, 2subs and 1 amp later I got another brand.

I can't say it was the completely equipment fault because I was always messing with amp and HU setting so that had to contribute plus it was a really really hot day when amp went!

Good luck with plans though


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Nope, never ever heard of Sonda............and for £25 a piece including postage, I wouldnt expect much! Well, you'll find out soon enough.

As already suggested, Neutriks (sp?) Speakon connectors are a good choice for the subwoofer box, and will handle plenty of power.

The false floor idea sounds just like how my current install is, works well for me, just watch the amp/s dont get too hot. What amps will you be using?

Cheers :)


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looks like a rip off of Pioneer's or Kenwood's designs. Also has the same type of font used on the box as Pioneer's.

As Pete mentions don't expect quality sound from it, it might produce some physical volume, but that'll be about it.



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I was going to put perspex in, but imo it won't look too good in the micra boot. Due to the size, it looks kind of wrong to do it. Need a bigger boot to get the full effect of windowing the amps with perspex


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yeah thats the one, it came thru on wednesday, it looks alright, i havent had a chance to fit it yet tho so i dont know what it sounds like

its a free air sub tho, if iirc that means it can be fitted to a parcel shelf and use the boot as a box, but does anyone know if i can use it in a box, maybe if i ported it?

i am thinking about perspex, at the mo, but i also am not sure about the space issue in the boot, as i have 2 amps to hide, speaking of which i have a mutant 280 wat 2 channel for my pioneer 330watt 3 way 6x9s, and a random make 330 watt 2 channel for the sub, so should be good enough, as for over heating i am carefully nurturing a plan invloving the remains of several dead hoovers and maybe an old cassette player, will let you know how it goes

one other thing i have been considering and would like some input on, is boot lighting, i get a lot of car mags and have collected lots of little lights over the years, if i put in some perspex covers over the amps, what does anyone think of lighting up the recesses, i would obviously do it nicely, and the recesses will be lined with some sort of material so it wont just be mdf, but i thought i would link them up to some matching lights hidden under the parcel shelf mount things either side and wire them to a pin switch on the boot