handbrake problem

right today iv been driving around and iv noticed that my handbrake light stays on, even when the handbrake is off.

i dont know wether the handbrake is actually on or if its just a fault with the light.

everything else seems to work fine except for the motor that washes the back window screen and moves the back arm.

if anyone has any ideas to what it could be then please tell me as im stuck on both parts


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Brake Fluid needs topped up or theres a type of reset switch thing in the handbrake...try pressing that and see if it goes away.


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this is the trip switch just under the handbrake


when ur handbrake is down it pushes on the spring loaded switch which breaks the circuit and so turns the brake warning light out. when you pull the handbrake, the switch springs back up connecting the circuit and turns the warning light on.

in the brake fluid reservoir there's a floater with a magnetic bottom and at the base of the reservoir is a magnetic switch. when the fluid levels drops too low, the magnetic floater attracts the magnetic switch below, connects the circuit and turns on the brake warning light.
ah i see well thankyou alot, just out of interest can i just buy brake fluid and top it up? or will i need to do summat like drain it all, depressurise the system ect ect


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ur brake fluid should be renewed every two years.

if urs has been renewed within that period then yeah just top it to the max line with the same type of fluid and keep an eye on it for possible leaks.

if however its been more than two years since its been renewed or its unknown, i'd top it up to max for now and get it renewed either by urself or a garage soon as you can