Handbrake issues

My v reg K11 failed its mot , one of the reasons being, that the parking brake efficiency was below requirements. (i.e wouldn't hold on a slight incline unless pulled right up the top.)
Rear brakes were being replaced, so the handbrake was adjusted. re tested, and parking brake still failed. Garage said they would put a new handbrake in, but it still wont hold on a slight incline unless pulled right up.

Question, surely the handbrake should hold better than that if it has been replaced and the back brakes done too.

I have no mechanical knowledge, and took the garage at their word, how do i check that a new handbrake cable was fitted.


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the self adjuster is prob seized or hasn't been serviced when replacing shoes. a self-adjuster stuck in its retracted position means that it no longer prevents the shoes from sitting too far away from the drums. so the moment the hydraulic or mechanical brakes are applied, there's not enough travel to both move the shoes back into contact AND apply braking force.

stuck self adjuster threads seems to be common in drums