Hi i am new to club i have a micra in Barbados with transmission problem it is not going into drive the brushes to the transmission looks ok think the torque converter and the transmission may be faulty could anyone help in this area and where can i get a transmission and torque converter how long are the brushes suppose to be
The brushes are easy and cheap enough to replace that it's worth a try, take the holder to an auto electrician and see if they can help you.
It helped briefly on one I was trying to fix but the problem came back...
We suspected the electromagnetic powder clutch, it's not a torque converter, there is a kit to replace the powder in the powder clutch but it's a gearbox off job. I wouldn't be sure that's what's happening here though, on the car i had it would try to stall once coming to a stop and would also be difficult to get into drive.
There's an adjustment on the gear selector that you could also check is within spec.
Powder clutch kit:

I gave these guys a call and they were very helpful, I also retired replacing the cvt fluid but no joy there either...