Gregors k11 build

Been on the forum for a while now but thought I'd share my k11 build. Bought an 02 plate micra back in October and and got it in the road in November.

Had a few mechanical things to do first (but forgot to take pictures), so first thing was the starter motor which hadto be replaced because the car hadn't moved in so long the pinion was sticky so just replaced it from a Doner k11

Next was fixing the rust on the back arches. Sanded back to metal and covered with hammerite rust inhibitor on both sides and waited for it to dry, then applied a wee bit of filler on top and smoothed out ready to be re sprayed soon. Still have a small patched of rust along the roof at the tailgate where paints chipped off and waters got in so that still need to be fixed.
The body panels where in good condition apart from the passenger side wing which is wavy from someone creasing it and the bonnet has a pinhole dent coming out it but I'm using the new ones I have to test the paint

I bought a set of FK coilovers for a corsa B that I modified to fit. Pretty easy to do (a lot easier than I was told) just had to drill the original top mount, so I just used a drill and a reasonable sized drill but then was smaller than the hole and just worked the drill around the hole and checked every now and again with the new strut to see if it would fit. For the rear I just used an angle grinder with a grinding disc to shave the Bush's on the rear shocks so they would fit in the box section. The only downside to using the full coilovers kit is the new rear springs are really wide so they take a bit of time to fit them straight and not at an angle. The lows are insane but the ride is really bouncy and there are occasionally knocks so I'll need to look into this more.

Just for fun I made a mad gearstick using the original metal insert for the gearstick and ground it down till the hex was smooth and I welled it to a chopped BMX bar. I then used body filler and smoothed down so it was level. Then primed and painted, put the a BMX grip on and glued a small metal cap on the top. Looks really good but I'm probably going to take it off when I get my wooden gearstick and wheel.

Recently I noticed oil in my drive so jacked it up and found my sump for soaking and it was all corroded. I took the sump off and ran some waste oil I had through it to make sure it was the sump leaking and it was so I replaced it. But then there was still oil dripping so I hope it's my crankshaft oil seal so at the moment the gearbox is almost out and I need to replace that as well

Still lots more planned! Just need to find money and time for it all but I will keep you all posted

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Thanks mate, for got to add that I got the grills that sit into the hole rather than the ones with the lip that came out onto the bonnet

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