Great Spark, Got fuel but no start - hoping you can help please

Morning guys, hope everyone keeping well. Been a while.

My K11 1.0 95 never misses a beat but sat for 2 weeks unused. Came to start and I get excellent turn over but no start.

- Plugs are clean, dry and excellent spark - changed approx 2 years back with NGK's (old were fine) but changed anyway - no flooding
- Tried easy start down the air intake, instant fire up
- checked the fuel pumping after filter on ignition turn - absolutely fine
- fuses seem fine

But no start. I'm thinking it has to be something around the injection area? But have to confess I've never needed do any work there and so know little what to look for.

Anyone have any ideas what I should be looking for? Or are there any threads I've missed that might help?

HT's, leads, and filters all fresh. Throttle body done few years back. Alternator new (replaced in error) about 18 months back.

Totally lost in the injection area what to look for and hoping you can help me with some work throughs or ideas to replace or eliminate bits.

Thanks in advance
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Hey Frank, thanks for the steer. Would that be the fuse box in front of battery?

I got three here .... one in front of battery, one to left and one on LHS.

I have had an issue with a fuse that burnt through the box .... RHS headlight one in front of the battery.
check for constant 12v at the injectors, dedicated fuse in the engine bay iirc

OK you probably used to this ..... but you the man Frank!!!! one 10a fuse later and we running!!!!!

Ace! You have no idea how much sunshine you just 'injected' (get it) into my life!!!!

The 15a RHS headlamp fuse melted .... literally melted and I had to work round that. I think the heat that melted the fuse box killed the 10a INJ fuse.

But easy for me to say that given you worked it out and I just copied what you said.

Absolutely brilliant ..... I needed that today. Cheers Frank ..... beer owed.
Tell you what .... this is what makes this forum the quality site it is!

Great suggestions, great answers, quick and offered up freely and without making the person asking the question feel like a dullard.

I don't know another car site with as good a members as this one.

Bloody glad I drive a Micra :)