Getting my new K13 in 3 days.....

I'm waiting for my new Micra to be delivered from the caryard... I live in Oz so i'm lucky enough to have the option of having the HR15DE 1.5L engine in it. I test drove the 1.2, and while it was nippy enough, it just didn't have enough power. I'll give you guys a decent review when i get it, but for now i can give you my first impressions of the car (keeping in mind that i test drove the 1.2 not the 1.5 which i'll be getting).

The most unimpressive part of the car would have the interior. But its not that bad that i would rate it poorly. I'd just expect a little more from Nissan. Its got quite a bit of cheap plastic, and the sound system will definitely be getting an upgrade, but the seats are very comfortable, and the speedo and such are all very easy to read. The driving position is great. I'm a tall guy, but don't feel cramped in it at all.

The ride is good. It absorbs the impact of potholes and bumps very well, and it doesn't have too much roll in the corners. I took a fairly tight roundabout at 60 and didn't feel unsafe at all. The gearshifts felt very smooth, and the clutch was nice. The brakes took a bit of getting used to because they can seem a little over responsive, but i guess thats to be expected in a car which weighs less that 1000 kgs.

The 1.2 was surprisingly nippy. I had myself, my Fiance and the salesman in the car when i was on the testdrive, and put the pedal to the floor going up a hill and found that it continued accelerating very well. It also had a very nice sound when being pushed, and not nearly as much vibration as i would expect from a 3 cylinder. I kept looking at the rev count when we were stopped to be sure that the engine hadn't stalled because of how smooth it was. That said, its no sports engine, but probably has potential. I'm glad i have the option of the 1.5. When i get my car i'll give you a better rundown of how it feels and performs.

Also, this is my first post to this board, and also my first Nissan. So Hi :p


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Welcome to the MSC :)
Seb off here had a chance to test drive a K13 and said it was fantastic and he's even thinking of buying one :)

Best of luck(Y)
Thanks! I think that the k13 has a whole lot of potential. It's copped a pretty mixed bag of reviews, but I think that it's easy to fall for once youve had a test drive, and I think that it looks great. I've got a friend with a k10 and another with a k11 so it'll make for some nice shots/comparisons. I'm sure no one will mind the omission of the k12 :p


I drove the 1.2 on launch day in Europe and was pretty impressed with the way the car was so I'd imagine the 1.5 would be noticably quicker. How much are you getting spec-wise? All the way with the built-in GPS etc or somewhere in between?

Unfortunately in Oz we don't have the option of the GPS, i'm getting whats called the ST-L, which is the mid spec model. Auto healights, reversing sensors, bluetooth and the 1.5L motor are what the extra couple grand gets me. Can't wait to get it and tell you guys how it goes....