Genuine Jdm autec built k12 March for sale in Ireland

Just for curiosity, what kind of continuation this blog will have in your opinion? :unsure::oops:
This thread could have been somewhere else...?
Anyway picture in bigger size...

I have no idea WHY people keep posting things in the blogs section. It doesn't take much effort to post things in the correct place based on the menu system we have.

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Low Rider,
I have an idea why people do this, but writing it would most likely be considered as bad behavior in here.

Now when you started 'cleaning' on blog section. Could you please continue and move many 'dislocated' threads from blogs section to correct places. On first page alone, there is 16 threads that, aren't blogs based on my limited understanding...? :unsure:

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Maybe you could define more in depth these two instructional sentences:
"This forum is dedicated to Micra Blogs for MSC members. Please only post threads in here related to your own car and modifications."

"Enter blog title, please note this is not general discussion forum"