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Hi all just joined the forum...
Iv a question in relation to my k12 race car.. im running a Toyota gearbox was woundering what Toyota front wheel hubs and wishbones fits straight onto the k12 micra..
Iv made up shafts that keep breaking so want to go toyota to Toyota route if i could

Any info would be much appreciated..
Not entirely sure here, You could do a search for corolla E11 and see if those are similar..
I know that I was looking at the front suspension struts.
Normally Renault parts fit from clio III and megan also
After reading this post I was looking around and notice you can change a wheel hub from 4 to 5 bolt or lug nut design to give more options for wheels I thought that was quite interesting as the k12 has very limited choice with regards to wheels.
Has anyone done this before with micra k12 Also could this be possible with drum breaks at rear. Wider wheels would be nice.