Gearbox removal

Ive been removeing the gearbox from a 1996 micra. Ive never done this before but ive undone everything as far as i can tell but cant get it off the engine. does anyone have any hints? ive even brought a haynes and checked everything it says but i'd already done it. has anyone got any help?!
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  • drain gearbox oil
  • disconnect the loom off the gearbox & start
  • disconnect the speedo cable
  • disconnect the gear linkage
  • remove the driveshaft from the hub and then off the gearbox
  • remove the two little lower support braces that secures the bottom of the gearbox to the engine block
  • place a block of wood between the sump and central beam to support the engine once the gearbox is removed
  • support the weight of the gearbox to unload the mounts. I made this crane bracket which helps keep the gearbox level and makes removal easy
  • remove the rear engine mount bracket
  • remove the LH gearbox mount
  • unbolt the gearbox off the engine (two at the top, one at front, one from behind the block but would be removed with the rear mount bracket)
  • jiggle the gearbox outwards and use a flathead or prybar if stuck
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I am stuck too, i believe i removed every bolt but still cant get it out....does anyone know exactly how many bolts hold the box to the engine? I have feeling maybe I have missed one:(

I have got a bag full of bots now lol...Btw Mine is Auto
4 main bellhousing bolts
Thanks frank.

I think I have got them all then.....check the attached 2 from starter motor, 1 which held the battery wire to the box.....both mount (rear and left) out but the thing is not budging:(

I will try it again tomorrow and hopefully I will get lucky


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Thanks guys for all your help...the box is out now (first time I have taken one out) will be taken to specialist to see if they can sort it out...,am also still on the look out for a replacement one