gear selector semi seized

Hi all,

I had a search and found 1 similar thread but didn't really answer my problem!

The selector rod/fork that goes into the back of the box has got really stiff/tight to move. I can barely select any of the gears.

It is the same whether the gear linkage is connected or diconnected.

It was ok ish a couple days ago, I removed the box, fitted new clutch, refitted the gearbox and then it seized solid. I managed to free it up by filling the box with oil and work the rod in and out with a mallet.

Its almost good enough that I could drive the car, but I would rather have it better than it is. I have a box on order but may not get it until next week.

Its a prefacelift cg10 box btw and its bolted to a cg13 and that's all bolted in my k10

Iam guessing this isn't a common fault with micra. I think ill try get a new box anyway cose the last thing I want is to get stuck somewhere :)