Gaining access to the Audio Unit serial number


Picked it up my 2011 k13 Micra yesterday from the dealers in Glasgow and drove home (200 miles round trip) only to discover there is no radio security code - so when the battery is removed the in car entertainment becomes inoperable. The dealer says to bring the car in so the serial number of the stereo unit can be obtained and the code looked up on their Nissan database.

Is it possible for me to easily get access to the stereo unit to read the serial number myself without having to waste fuel and time on a 200 mile round trip to the dealers.

It's the dealers fault that the code was not supplied, but I have a feeling they will say they have aquitted themselves by offering to supply the code.

Any help or ideas would be really appreciated. By the way this is a great forum - thank you very much Ronderwear for uploading - the K13 repair and service manual - really useful!