Ga16de conversion couple of questions

Been doing research on this and am planning a 1.6 swap in the summer but looking clarification on two things.

1. I have a 2000 Facelift K11 with coil pack engine and I right in thinking I can use the gearbox in this with the 1.6 engine as it is similar to the cg13 ones but with different gear ratios? I am not looking for top speed so am thinking this will give me the best acceleration.

2. If unable to use my own gearbox and have to use either a primera or almera gearbox how will the speedo work? Is it a case of using the speedo clocks out of these and modding them to fit the micra dash.

I have used the search function and cant seem to find these answers. I also know that engine mounts and etc have to be modified to fit and this isn't a problem.
Thanks for looking
i guess so, you might need to rig up a cam sensor too, and the coilpack T/B bolt pattern is a bit different :eek:

so in the long run I would probably be better using all the gearbox, T/B and ecu etc from the donor car as can get a 97 primera 1.6 with 55,000 miles from my neighbour for £300 :p


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yours has the later coilpack loom and ecu tho eh, more suited to the later coilpack QG15/18 almera engine